The house of Michael Browne is renowned for designing and hand crafting mens' tailored garments to the highest standards.

On the couture side of the business, our patriarch and creative director 'Michael' would occasionally take on a personal styling role for his clients if required.

It is this penchant for style and elegance that led to the concept of creating special handmade items that would complement the tailored garments he creates. Hence the birth of the Michael Browne store.

After undergoing in-depth and scrupulous research within the industry, we have collaborated with the best artisans in England to create our hand made ties and scarves.

We also took advanced steps further to Italy "makers of the finest knitwear in the world" to develop and produce our knitwear.

Our signature lapel roses are handmade in house by one of our esteemed team members.

It is important to note that this store is an extension of Michael Browne couture. All pieces have been designed and handmade to fall in line with the impeccable craftsmanship standards and aesthetic that govern Michael Browne couture garments.